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Our Menu


10"Garlic bread baguette with melted mozzarella cheese - £ 3.50

Soup of the day, served with crusty bread - £ 4.50

Tempura Battered Prawns served with a sweet chilli dip - £ 4.95

Deep fried breaded garlic button mushrooms with a chilli dip - £ 4.95

Salmon & Prawn Fishcakes served on mixed salad with fresh tartar sauce - £ 5.50

Tangy Barbecued Ribs, Pork Ribs char-grilled in a smoky barbecue sauce - £ 5.75

'La gambas' pil-pil a taste of Spain, king prawns grilled with garlic, Spanish chilli & olive oil served with ciabatta bread - £ 6.50

Moules Marinere, mussels cooked in white wine, cream & shallot served with Ciabatta bread - £ 7.95



Mains & Grills

Grilled Seabass Fillet on a bed of braised leeks served with small roast potatoes in a burgundy mushroom and button onion sauce. 1 fillet - £12.95 / 2 fillet - £14.95

Pan-fried Salmon Fillet on sautéed spinach & leek, served with small roast potatoes in a cream white wine sauce - £ 9.95

Char-Grilled 10oz Sirloin Steak’ with grilled mushroom, fries or mashpotato & peppercorn sauce - £15.95

`Fish & Chips’ Traditional Battered Cod Fillet, Beefeater Chips served with fresh tartar sauce - £ 9.50

Slow cooked lamb shank, in mint scented gravy, with creamy crushed potatoes & garden peas - £13.50

Chicken breast on sautéed cherry tomatoes ,green beans & baby corn , with crisp potatoes & tarragon cream sauce - £10.95

Sweet-Chilli Chicken Skewers with peppers & red onion, served with white rice, warm naan bread and mixed salad - £10.95

King Prawn in a red thai curry with white rice & naan bread - £10.95 Grilled 100% 8oz

Beefburger with bacon & cheese served with salad & fries - £ 8.95

Real Chicken Burger made with fresh chicken breast or choose spicy Cajun style served with salad & french fries - £ 8.50



Pasta & Salad

Tiger Prawns & Mussels Seafood Pasta made with spaghetti, red chilli & onion in a white wine cream sauce - £12.50

Tossed Tagliatelle with chicken, pancetta & mushroom in a creamy sauce - £ 9.50

'Ricotta & Spinach Tortelloni' tossed with walnut & sage in a gorgonzola sauce - £ 8.95

Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese topped with parmesan - £ 7.95

Greek Salad, leafy salad with feta, olives & cherry tomato served with pitta bread - £ 7.75

Chicken Salad, real chicken breast served on a bed of mixed salad with Caesar dressing - £ 9.25

Salmon Nicoise, salmon fillet served on a leafy salad bed with olives, capers, egg, new potato & red onion - £ 9.95


9” Pizza’s



Classic Margarita
Roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese & fresh basil leaves
Italian Meat
Red onion ,sliced peppers topped with Salami ,Pepperoni, bacon  & mozzarella

Salami & Mozzarella Hot
Sliced smoked salami and mozzarella cheese on hot tomato & chilli sauce with chopped hot chillies

Sliced peppers, tomato, red onion, mushrooms, olives mozzarella & sweet corn  

Spicy Cajun Chicken & Red Chilli
Tomato sauce topped with Cajun Chicken breast, red onion & chopped hot chillies
Texan BBQ Chicken
BBQ sauce with chicken, peppers & red onion
Smoked Bacon & Mushroom
Mushroom, smoked bacon & garlic with mozzarella with Italian herbs
Calzone - Meat
A folded pizza filled with pepperoni, sliced peppers, shredded chicken breast, Spinach & mozzarella cheese, with a dash of tomato sauce
SO!.... Make Your Own...


Mixed Salad  - £ 3.95

Bowl of Olives - £ 2.50

French Fries  -  £ 3.00

Hot 'n' Kickin Chicken Wings - £ 4.50

Onion Rings ~ £ 2.50

Buffet Platter To Share - £ 30.00


Indian Specialties

'Seekh Kebab', choose from spiced chicken or lamb served on salad with pitta bread, yogurt and mint chutney - £ 7.50

'Keema Mircha', Spiced Minced Lamb in whole steamed peppers, very fragrant - £14.95

'Murg' Chicken Karahi whole pieces of chicken cooked on the bone with fresh tomatoes and onion shells in a fragrant spice butter sauce - £12.95

Classic Chicken Tikka Masala, boneless tender chicken pieces in a spice tomato & yoghurt sauce - £13.50

'Kofte' Spice Mince Lamb Meatballs made in a rich sauce Served the traditional way with hard boiled egg - £14.75

'Masala Gosht' Lamb Rogan tender pieces of lamb made with fresh crushed spices in a blended aromatic sauce - £13.95

'Chicken Biryani', fragrant rice with chicken,  Nation Favourite - £9.95

'Tarka Dal', slow cooked lentils with aromatic spice - £7.50

'Channa' Chick Peas cooked with our traditional spices, truly wholesome and delicious - £ 8.50

Above dishes are served with fried basmati rice and naan bread

All our food is lovingly cooked to our traditional home style method with fresh ground spices. SO!.. If you love Indian Food, you will love this food.


Tartufo Limoncello.jpg

Tartufo Limoncello £ 3.50

A handmade masterpiece! Refreshing lemon gelato filled with the typical Limoncello liquor made with lemons from the Amalfi coast.

Tartufo Scuro Classico.jpg

Tartufo Scuro £ 3.50

Truffle shaped zabaione and chocolate ice cream with a chocolate sauce centre.


Tartufo Bianco £ 3.50

Coffee ice cream centre surrounded by egg cream ice cream and covered with crushed meringue pieces.

Souffle cioccolato.jpg

Soufflé al Cioccolato £ 3.50

Rich chocolate fondant dessert with liquid chocolate centre.

vegan souffle.jpg

Vegan Chocolate Soufflé £ 3.50

Vegan chocolate fondant dessert with liquid chocolate centre.


Chocolate Fudge Cake £ 3.50

Moist, rich chocolate fudge sponge with a chocolate fudge filling and coating. Served with ice cream.

We cannot guarantee that any items are completely allergen free due to being produced in a kitchen that contains ingredients with allergens as well as products that have been produced by suppliers. Any guests with an allergy should be aware of this risk and should ask a member of the team for information on the allergen content of our food.


Espresso - £2.60

Double Espresso - £3

Cappuccino - £3.50

Caffe Latte - £3.50

Chocolate Calda - £3.50

Americano - £3

Irish Coffee - £6.00

Tea - £2.50

Liquori al Caffe - £6.00



Amaretto, Sambuca, Kahlua, Glayva. Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Tia Maria, Baileys

From £3.00 - £3.50 for a single shot

Buffet Menu

MENU 1- £ 10.00

Torpedo Prawns
Wings Of Fire
Mini Chicken Skewers
Vegetable Samosas
Classic Margarita + Italian Meat Pizza Slices
Corn Chips
Cocktail Sausage, Cheese & Onion Rolls

MENU 2 - £ 15.00 

Hot `n’ Kickin Chicken Wings
Salmon And Cream Cheese Vol-au-Vent
Pizza Selection
Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls
Chicken Satay
Japanese Prawns
Coleslaw & Potato Salad
Cheese & Onion Puff Rolls & Mini Pork Sausages
                                                                            Light Spice Wedges                                                                      

Prices are per head - Min.Order 10 people/per menu - Subject to booking - Deposit required

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